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[29 Dec 2010 | One Comment | ]
Losing Weight, the Hi-Tech Way

There seems to be little separating the fat from the fit – just a letter. And they’re both vowels! If only the gap between the two in real life were as easy to bridge as it is in the alphabet! But, sadly, flipping that vowel takes a bit of work – work that many of us just aren’t up to. Especially now, during the winter, when our ancient hoarding tendencies come to the fore, and we eat more.
If you want to get rid of that winter “spare tire,” there’s plenty …

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[17 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
Sleeping Like a Baby

There’s a conspiracy afoot – to keep us awake! TV, iPods, the barrage of e-mail, cell phone calls and messaging – they’ve all got “important messages” for us, information we can’t do without. Or so we believe. Either way, most of us can’t sleep knowing that there’s something we need to know, but don’t. Hence the late nights spent reading messages, looking at web sites, and checking out cute cat videos on Youtube that our friends tell us are “the funniest” things they ever saw. The result? We chuckle at …

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[14 May 2010 | No Comment | ]
Do Try This at Home

If once the web was a way for people to communicate, nowadays it’s more about relaxing and wasting time. Once there were comic books and TV sets; now there are iPads and Youtube. They invented those things for a reason!
But there’s more to the internet than online games and a “boss button” to hide your perfidy when your supervisor appears; you can actually learn to do stuff on-line. What can you learn? Almost anything there is to know! There are dozens of sites out there that will tell you (in …

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[2 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Lower Your Cellphone Bill, Part 1

D’ja ever notice that somehow, some way, no matter what you do, you always end up spending more on your cell phone bills than you expect to? No, this is not the opening to a Seinfeld routine (although I bet he has one on the subject!). But it’s a situation we’ve all become familiar with: The cell phone companies present us with “plans” that include free minutes, free chat, free internet – free! – but we somehow end up paying the same, or more, with each subsequent plan!
How could this …

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[20 Jan 2010 | No Comment | ]
Music on the Go

Once there were “boomboxes,” those quaint suitcase-sized stereos that turned heads – and created headaches – whenever they were in the vicinity. Then music went “private,” as Walkmans and iPods provided walkers, runners, and bus and train riders with hours of musical enjoyment.
And now that we’re in the age of the “digital device,” the music player of choice for a new generation is – the cellphone! It’s all about “convergence,” using a single device for data, messaging, internet use, and of course, playing music and video. And because they’re …