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[23 Aug 2009 | No Comment | ]

“We are of the same race and blood, and cooperation will bring great prosperity to the land,” wrote Emir Feisal to Felix Frankfurter in 1917. Feisal was known for his affinity to the Zionists who had begun streaming to the Holy Land; in 1919, he signed a cooperation agreement with Haim Weizmann, to whom he wrote that he was “mindful of the racial kinship and ancient bonds existing between the Arabs and the Jewish people.”
But Feisal’s proclamations of kindredness with the Jews was more than lip service to a commonly …

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[27 Mar 2009 | No Comment | ]
Neat Net Tricks

Israel is blessed with a plethora of museums and exhibitions celebrating the country’s history, culture and accomplishments. Nearly every major (and some not so major) city and town has a museum presenting its history. There are museums dedicated to the country’s historical heroes, like Herzl and Ben Gurion. There’s a museum celebrating Egged buses (Holon) and the Israel Police (Kiryat Ata). There’s a museum dedicated to wheat (Haifa), and even one with a display on the historical development of theatrical lighting (Hod Hasharon).
All worthy of exposition, no doubt; but how …

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[15 Jan 2009 | No Comment | ]
Internet Weather Report

The pundits tell us that the future of computing is bright and sunny – but in reality, the weather isn’t as clear as they would have you believe. In fact, it’s downright cloudy – and that’s a good thing!? Nowadays, the internet buzz is all about the clouds. There’s “cloud computing,” which will put all your favorite applications and/or services on the internet, while you log in and access them on a remote server from your home or office. And there’s the “tag cloud,” a visual representation of the “weight” …

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[25 Apr 2008 | No Comment | ]
Honesty as a Policy

Okay, so maybe Israelis haven’t quite gotten down the concept of “line” as we Westerners understand it, and maybe they speak at a decibel level far above what the human ear can tolerate – at a mile (sorry, kilometer!) – a minute. But they have their good points: As a group, Israelis are very honest. How do I know? All it takes is a few minutes of surfing around the new Israeli lost and found site, Ebood (http://www.ebood.co.il). If you’ve lost something, don’t give up; Ebood is a …

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[28 Sep 2007 | No Comment | ]
On the Map

If you’ve got a couple of days off for chol hamo’ed, someone in your clan may have broached the idea of taking a road trip to an outdoor site – a national park up north or an out of the way beach, say. Sounds like a good idea – and an opportunity to get one more tiyul in before the onset of winter.
But the idea of taking the family out for a long drive raises some provocative questions: how to keep the kids quiet, what face to make at the …